The LGCC is a growing alliance and in addition to community groups it includes associate individuals. Interested community members are encouraged to reach out to any of the partner organizations to get involved.  

Member organizations of the Local Good Governance Coalition (LGGC) as of December 2024 include:

Associate Members (Individuals) of the Local Good Governance Coalition as of April 2024 are:

Foundational Document - Operating Procedures  for the Local Good Governance Coalition (LGGC), March, 2022

1.  Purpose

The fourfold mission of the Local Good Governance Coalition is to:

2.  Membership:

3.  Meetings:

4.  Special Roles and Responsibilities:

5.  Decision-making:

6. Committee Creation and Charge:

7. Speaking for the Coalition:

8.  Amendments to LGGC Operating Procedures:

Amendments to these operating procedures or the mission statement can be proposed as agenda action items at any time during the first year after the first membership pledge. After that first year amendments to the operating procedures can be made at the beginning of each calendar year.

9.  Dissolution of the LGGC:

The LGGC is dissolved after 6 months of no regular meetings or if there is LGGC consensus to dissolve.